Where It All Began

Our founder Vladimir Fox grew up with some of the finest quality European beers in the world. Vlad’s diagnosis of Celiac disease introduced him to CELIA Lager, a traditional Craft Czech Lager that just happens to be organic, crafted to remove gluten, and naturally carbonated. Our flagship brands include CELIA Organic lager from the Czech-Republic, and Kingfisher, India’s #1 Selling beer. Our company is based in Ottawa, ON with offices and sales personnel in Montreal, QC and it’s surrounding areas.

Thank you for bringing such a great product to the market!

Radovan and Yaakov Fox holding CELIA beer bottles

Where We Are Today

Centrepointe Canada Ltd. specializes in the sales and marketing of import and specialty beers. With over 25 years business experience we are experts in growing existing brands and establishing new brands in local markets.

Guided by our principles of product awareness and excellent customer service, we have thorough insight on how to travel the landscape of the Canadian import beer market. Whether it be to retail stores, licensed establishments, or directly to individuals, we are experts in marketing our brands!


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