Where It All Began

Our founder Vlad grew up with some of the finest quality European beers in the world. A long-time beer lover, Vlad’s diagnosis of Celiac disease in 2014 introduced him to CELIA Lager, a traditional Craft Czech Lager that has the benefit of being organic, crafted to remove gluten, and naturally carbonated.

Thank you for bringing such a great product to the market!

Where We Are Today

Since bringing CELIA to the market in 2014, Centrepointe Canada Ltd. has developed into a dynamic importation Agency with the knowledge and expertise to sell, market and distribute beers throughout Canada. Our flagship brands include CELIA Organic lager from the Czech-Republic, and Kingfisher, India’s #1 Selling beer. We specialize in the sales and marketing of niche and specialty beers. With over 25 years business experience we are experts in growing existing brands and establishing new brands in local markets.

  • Federally incorporated since 2014
  • Registered enterprise entity with the Regies d’Enterprises du Québec as an independent enterprise involved in the sales and marketing of alcohol products
  • Licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Corporation of Ontario (AGCO) and the LCBO to represent and distribute alcoholic beverages
  • Authorized by the SAQ to distribute alcoholic beverages through the SAQ’s Private Importation Network
  • Centrepointe’s consistent sales record in the province of Ontario has earned us space in the LCBO’s consignment program and has allowed us to achieve product listings at SAQ retail stores throughout the province of Quebec
  • Vast experience in dealing with bars, restaurants, individuals, and government agencies including Health Canada, the CFIA, the SAQ, and the LCBO
  • Uniquely positioned to operate throughout all of Canada including Quebec

Guided by principles of providing excellent customer service and educating our customers about our products, we have thorough insight on how to travel the landscape of the Canadian specialty beer market. Whether it be to provincial retailers, licensed establishments, or directly to individuals, we are experts in marketing our brands. Our company is based in Ottawa, ON with offices and sales personnel in Montreal, QC and its surrounding areas.


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