« Yaakov,

Je viens de rentrer du travail et je bois ma première Celia. Wow. C’est une bière délicieuse!

Merci beaucoup pour toute votre aide. Je vais être un client régulier. »

« Je suis coeliaque et vôtre bière est délicieuse! »

« I am so grateful to have met Yaakov through FB. Through some back and forth chatting, he was able to put Celia into some local pubs in my area. I love the beer! »

« Thank you for bringing such a great product to the market for us gluten-free folks! »

« Hi! I’m a newly diagnosed Celiac and tasted your beer tonight at a local restaurant in Ottawa! It’s amazing. Best gluten free beer. Where can I find some in Ottawa to purchase?? Thanks so much. What a game changer. »

« This beer is available in Montreal. It’s phenomenal and hands down the best gluten-free beer I’ve ever tasted… »

« Delicious beer, can’t tell it’s gluten free, don’t feel bloated the day after. And unparalleled service from Yaakov! »

« I tried CELIA at Bonny’s Vegetarian and it blew my mind!! »
« I hope you have plans to get this beer in stores soon. Hands down the best gluten-free beer I’ve ever drank »
« You have any amazing beer. Just had it at Vineyard’s in Ottawa. Where can I buy it in Ontario? »
« Shout out to the best gluten-free beer available, CELIA »

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